Jigsaw Hearts (Awaken My Heart, Novel One) by Danica Raimz

Entertainment editor Ren Hayden keeps her odd and haunted childhood behind her as best she can by relying on a handful of obsessive coping mechanisms: cigarettes, philanthropy, meaningless sex. When her criminal stepbrother, Seth, the only person she could ever count on, mysteriously dies, she is left to deal with Corinne Zabriese–the rather innocent girlfriend he conned, her unique family, and a trail of disturbing messages that follow her around after Seth's death. Worse? Corinne's brother, Galen, comes to Ren's rescue when all her defenses collapse. He sees the real person behind her emotional walls, and while he can't come to terms with his own misplaced guilt, he becomes hell-bent on drawing her true self to the surface. Ren wants nothing to do with his noble, free-spirited nature, except that Galen is the most delicious guy she's ever met–from his expressive eyes to the way he teases and taunts her into his arms. As Ren holds Seth's secrets back from Corinne, she feels increasingly undeserving of the steamy, beautiful bond she is developing with Galen and the healing friendships she is forging with his family. She explodes, flinging venom at the very people who have grown to care for her–just as Seth's past is about to catch up with all of them.

Wow! This was just an incredible book. It was so beautifully emotional! The whole last third of the book had me in tears about every 20 pages. There were so many intense issues going on …. Very nicely written!
Ren was in England for her brother Seth's memorial when she met Corinne, Galen and Katherine Zabriese. Corinne was her brother's girlfriend? That alone was weird enough, as Seth didn't do “girlfriends”. But the secrets that came out after his death and the Zabriese family were about to turn Ren's world upside down. I received the book at no cost in exchange for an honest review, and boy am I glad I did. Danica Raimz has a new fan! I can't wait to read more of her books and the continuation of this series. – Goodreads Review, Beth C.

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