Taken by Victoria DeLuis


I’m Summer Daniels. Friend. Foe. Witch.

It was never going to be a simple day: visiting my childhood home and finding the murderer of a house fairy. Whose master happens to be a heartless goblin… Yet, as it turns out, the goblin is the least of my problems.

A lover endangered. A friend betrayed. A memory taken.

The cards are stacked against me but hell hath no fury like an angry Witch.

I’m Summer Daniels and my life is about to change.

“Great start of series! Taken (Rune Witch Mysteries Book 1) by Victoria DeLuis is a short book but a heck of a lot of fun in a short space. A witch and her boyfriend move to her inherited house. They don't even get to unpack when they are told of a murder of a fairy. They are supernatural PI's. They find this house fairy is in the house of an Orc. No one likes dealing with an Orc, foul, nasty creatures despite their glamour. When they get there, they find things are even more interesting then it first seems…A great mystery in a mystery.” Montzalle Wittman – Amazon Reader