The Legacy’s Origin by Dawn Brower

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What makes a person a witch?

For those living in sixteenth century Scotland the very word witch is terrifying. Everyone is afraid of witches, both to be accused of one, and to be cursed by one. In a series of events beyond their control one family faces their ultimate fear and the consequences they can't escape.

The very idea of witchcraft becomes all too real for the Dalais family. Caitrìona Dalais Guaire, Sorcha Dalais Creag, and Niall Dalais are torn from their homes and put on trial. Their very lives are at stake, and everything points to their eventual demise.

In an act of desperation one of them arranges for the children to be secreted away to safety. Only time will tell if they are successful and if their legacy will live on…

“An emotional but compelling story of love, desperation, sacrifice and legacy. A great read.” April–My Book Addiction Blog

“This book is an amazing jump into a series of books that will all be based off the family of witches centered in this story.” –Angie Twinsie Talk Book Reviews