Daddy comes home by Suzanne Hart

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Something is pulling me back.
Like a magnet.
I am powerless against its force.

Four years ago I left my miserable town and I never went back.
Now, a billion dollars richer I have to return and sift through what I’ve left behind.

Leah Evans. Green eyes, long blond hair.
She wasn’t supposed to be here.
She was supposed to be gone from this place.
Just like me.

I had her once.
We were teenagers then and I am itching to have her again.
But she is avoiding me… she is hiding something.
I can feel it in my bones.

I am determined to find out what she’s keeping from me.

“It is a quick read but beautifully written, engaging, heartfelt and a sensual reconnection.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer
“I really enjoyed this short read. It had all the elements I love best. suspense, things to make you think, romance with a little sizzle, and HEA.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer