Annie’s Verdict by John Ellsworth


Attorney Michael Gresham has a new go-to person. Her name is Annie and she's twelve. Annie is a savant. She can look at you and, like her idol, Sherlock Holmes, tell you where you're from, whether or not you're happily married, and where you went to school. But now she must use her skills to discover who murdered her entire family, because it looks like the killer was actually looking for her.
Book 7 in the 9 part Michael Gresham Series.
“”Nobody Does It Better” than John Ellsworth. I read the book without stopping over 30 minutes. Spellbinding is the only word to describe Book 1 of his new series. Just as he has delved into multiple personality disorder, he explores the mind of savants. I have never read an author who spins a story touching on current events, mysteries of the midnight and weaves then into entertaining fiction. An absolute must read.”
-Amazon Reviewer