STARRED FEATURE: Under The Shell by David Wilkinson

Engalise is a city under siege. Without a government or the usual series of formal laws, relative peace is kept under the premise of the Ten Free Rights of the Individual.

Freedom Protection Agent Jaq Pilakin specialises in investigating violations against the First Right: life. As a freelancer, she’s forced to pick up the less lucrative cases cast aside by the big agencies, and stumbles into a scene where an artillery strike by the besieging forces has left a plumber dead under the rubble.

As Pilakin digs deeper into the case, she finds a trail of murders – and a would-be murderer finds her. When she finally identifies the perpetrator, it turns out she holds Engalise’s entire fate in her own bloodstained hands.

From the author of EMB Award shortlisted author comes a new story from the world of Engalise.

The intricacy of its world building, the dark themes of political conspiracy and state repression, the heartfelt conflicts of its characters are all sure to bring readers back. It was a well-crafted and enjoyable novel from Wilkinson. If you like your science-fiction intelligent and intense, this is one saga to follow.
– Siobhan Logan,
author of Firebridge To Skyshore

It’s not a simple matter of good heroes verses the evil empire, but people just trying to live their lives and the people in power having to choose between the lesser of two evils. It feels as difficult as real life.
– Jessica Meats,
author of Between Yesterdays

“We Bleed the Same” has reinvigorated my love of the genre. Clear, imaginatively written and with a passion and joy de vivre of the genre that clearly shines through, David Wilkinson deserves plaudits for his concise, intelligent writing that keeps you gripped right up until the last page.
– Matthew Munson,
author of Fall From Grace