A Wolf’s Resistance by TJ Nichols


Renny knew the risks when he started working for the Résistance, but he never expected to be captured and branded as a loup-garou and traitor to the State of France by the occupying Germans. Now on the run and wounded, he needs a place to hide and heal. A blacksmith’s on the edge of a small town looks like the ideal place.

At first Marc doesn’t want to believe Renny is a shapeshifter, but his curiosity and desire to help outweighs his caution. It feels good to lie to the soldiers. Better to see the heat in Renny’s eyes.

One night together makes Marc realize he wants more from life than hot coals and cold nights, but with no end to the war in sight, neither man can make promises.

“If you like unusual stories about werewolves in a historical setting, if brutally realistic stories that look as if a happy ending is impossible are your thing, and if you’re interested in a read that is realistically depressing until it snatches happiness from the jaws of almost certain defeat, then you will probably like this novella.” -Rainbow Book Reviews