STARRED FEATURE: Saint or Sinner by Jolie Day

He came in the middle of the night, a ruthless, blue-eyed stranger.
He killed my father when I was only eight years old.
Now, many years later, he’s back in New York.
He’s no longer after my father's company – instead,
the man, who claims he’s innocent,
wants me.

Saint or Sinner is a 270-page romantic suspense novel with thrilling scenes and a gripping storyline.
No cliffhanger. No cheating. Most definitely for 18+ readers only. Contains mature themes and language.

“Hands down…SAINT OR SINNER is the best book Jolie has ever written.”

“The ending took me completely by surprise”

“A Definite Page Turner”

“A Great story! Kept me guessing till the end.”

“It was soo good!”

“Just when you think you have it figured out, a new twist hits you.”

“…the ending was FANTASTIC!”

“The writing is better than any action movie Hollywood could conjure up.”

“…your adrenaline will go into full throttle”

“…a gripping read.”

“…keeps you hooked through all the twists and turns until the very surprising end.”

“I really loved this book!!”

“I literally couldn't put it down until it was finished”

-Amazon Reviewers