To Find You by Cerece Rennie Murphy

Two Souls
One Desire

To Find Each Other…Again

The journey begins with Ama and Ekow ~ Two lovers betrothed, then torn apart by an enemy disguised as a friend. And in the midst of an unthinkable bargain, their freedom is sold for a bag of gold.

But what their enemies thought would break them only unleashed a power greater than life itself.

From the ancient shores of Ghana to the streets of pre-colonial India,
From the burning embers of Oahu to the heart of a nation’s capitol,
Their souls risked war, death, and betrayal to bend destiny to their will.

Will they survive?
Will they succeed?

Join them on this timeless journey and see…

Sumptuously-textured tale of two lovers weaving in and out of one another's lives through time and space…as in her other novels including her Order of the Seers trilogy, Cerece Rennie Murphy creates nuanced characters to fall in love with inside worlds grounded in rich, sensuous detail. ~ B. Lanyi (Amazon Reviewer)