The Vision: Isle of Gods I by Lovelyn Bettison

Damek dedicated his life to finding the Isle of Gods. That is until his family life began to fall apart. In an attempt to win back his wife and daughter, he trades in sailing the high seas for a more normal life.

When he starts having visions of a mysterious woman trapped on the Isle of Gods he begins to question his sanity. Her cries for help appear in his dreams and start to haunt his every thought. She compels him to return to the sea so strongly that is it impossible to ignore.

Who is this woman? Is she leading him into a trap? With her help will he be one of the first mortals to make it to the Isle of Gods?

Loved the Isle of God! First, it is well written, you can tell that the author has put some work into finding a good editor and cared about the quality of her work. Secondly, I love how the author mixed spirituality, with fantasy (I don’t usually read fantasy books) and action. I think the book deserves to be read and this passionate author, Lovelyn, will hopefully gain new fans with her works of fiction. Go Lovelyn! – Frédéric Byé