Haunting Hephaestus by Annalise Nixon

Once upon a time, the Greek God Hephaestus was distrustful, detached, and unhappy. Guess what? Not much has changed, except his name and location.

Now he’s known as Vulcan, and he’s waited two thousand years to exact revenge on the human woman whose betrayal nearly destroyed him. Haunted by her honeyed lies and cruel treachery, he waits for the opportunity to strike.

That time is now.

But just his luck, her soul has been reborn into the body of the only woman in Jackson, Wyoming who has ever made him laugh. It sucks that this shy, curvy gallery owner will have to suffer for the sin of another, but… Oh well.

Of all the eligible men in Jackson to fall in lust with, why did Destiny have to choose the sullen and not-altogether-human Vulcan? And the cherry on top of that crappy sundae? He finds her as interesting as wallpaper.

Well, you know what they say—the best way to get over a man is to get under another.

Thanks to a leather-clad fairy godmother, a racy makeover, and a fresh take-no-prisoners attitude, replacing the object of her obsession is well within her reach.

Or so she thinks.

If you love sexy, oh-so-grumpy gods and mortal women who refuse to settle for second best, then download the interracial paranormal romance Haunting Hephaestus today.

5.0 out of 5 starsBeautiful heroine.
May 7, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Destiny is the heroine and she is very beautiful and that's not all, she's funny, kind, and a little sassy at one point.. Do you know how hard it is to find a book where the heroine has more than just her looks going for her?

Tina- Amazon reviewer