Tide of Deceit by Tamra Lassiter

When a young woman arrives on the tropical Florida coast to visit her eccentric aunt, she finds a suspiciously tidy beach house, anxious neighbors… and a stranger's body. With a mysterious diamond bracelet in her hand, and a handsome local deputy at her side, she sets out to find her beloved aunt–hopefully alive.

“Tide of Deceit is not your average romantic suspense read. The plot is interesting and will definitely hold the attention of even the most discerning reader. The romance between Cassie and Tanner is a slow comfortable build that just seems natural and inevitable. What makes this story stand out from other books in this genre are the fun-loving, quirky characters that will make the reader laugh out loud. Combine all of these elements and you get this lighthearted romance that will leave the reader laughing one minute and scratching their head the next.” – RT Book Reviews, Sept. 2017