The Stationmaster’s Cottage by Phillipa Nefri Clark

Christie Ryan inherits a rundown cottage in a seaside town she's never heard of. The discovery in the attic of unopened love letters, wedding rings, and a damaged painting hint at old family secrets.

Instead of joining her controlling fiancé on a luxury vacation, she stays in River's End after Gran’s funeral to solve the mystery.

She takes the painting to Martin, a reclusive artist with a deep resentment of her family. His refusal to help only encourages her to keep digging and heart pounding, she opens the love letters.

Cast into the romantic, tragic world of Thomas and Martha, Christie knows she must somehow right old wrongs.

Will she repair the past and even if she does, is the Ryan family heartache her own destiny?

A gripping story of family secrets as the heartbreaking consequences of one woman's manipulation spills across three generations.

“What a great book! I’m not going to recount the story outline, you can read that already. I am just stating my reaction to the novel. Basically this is a love story told over time in suspenseful bits and through mysterious clues. There is great sadness woven in, yet hope for a certain outcome also. The complex characters’ actions made me cry, or get angry, but the ending was satisfying. No spoilers from me though. Just know I felt impelled to write a review to encourage other possible readers to invest their time in this novel.” Jolie Z, Amazon reviewer