Sailor’s Warning by Noelle Greene

They Want Her Silence. He Wants Her Surrender.

After Meri Darrow is fired from her dream job and leveled by a mystery illness, she retreats to her family's beach cottage. Her new neighbor, a bossy, arrogant single dad, warns Meri she is up against powerful interests that will crush her.

Rob McLain is shocked how much he wants this brilliant but naïve woman. Helping her could ruin his career. But that's not why this intense attraction scares the hell out of him.

Meri has Rob pegged as an ambitious charmer. Plus he's too possessive. Even worse, Rob wants the privileged life she rejected long ago, right down to the showy villa he's building above Laguna Beach.

Yet Rob is determined to watch over Meri. Now she realizes her attempts to do the right thing have only brought fear and death, putting Rob and his little boy in danger. The best thing she can do for them is walk away. If you're looking for a romantic beach read with a touch of steam, don't miss Sailor's Warning.

“Well-written…highly recommend.” — Kindle Book Review