Paradise Girl by Phill Featherstone

17-year-old Kerryl Shaw and her family enjoy comfortable but uneventful lives on an isolated hilltop farmstead. There are news reports of a potent virus which is ravaging Africa, but little notice is taken because the outbreak is a long way away. However, the infection comes closer. There is no cure and the death toll mounts. Schools, colleges and businesses close, public events are cancelled, normal life collapses. The Shaws think that because of their remote location they will be safe but this changes when a stranger comes to their door. Kerryl is left to face whatever comes next alone.
Chill With a Book Readers' Award 2018. Chill Book of the Month, Feb 2018

“A gripping dark tale that draws you in from the very first page and holds you in its grip until the last word. A brilliant read!” Amazon Reviewer