Drive Thru Murder by Colleen Mooney

Brandy Alexander expected to order a box of CLUCK IT! — CHICKEN BY THE BUCKET when she pulled into the drive-thru. Instead she hears gunshots and sees someone in high heels wearing a black leather mini skirt climb out the pick-up window dragging a body. Her boyfriend, New Orleans detective Dante Deedler, is on the case and hers when bodies keep turning up and she knows something about them before the police do.

Her new neighbor has visions of Brandy’s future and past leaving more questions than answers especially when she learns Sandra’s other job is a phone sex operator.

Brandy’s future is muddled with distractions, murders, the family dilemma and a rescued Schnauzer named Jesus. Will the bartender who isn’t gay but works in a gay bar, the handyman who makes better dresses than repairs, the attorney she kissed at a Mardi Gras parade that’s still hot for her, or her nemesis–Dante’s partner—Hanky help her? Time is ticking away.

Could she become the next victim?

5.0 out of 5 starsEntertaining and vastly interesting.
May 6, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Okay folks here is the thing I like the mystery and romance blend but I surely do not like a three-way split people, hello why don’t Brandy make-up her mind and kick Dante to the curb and just latch on to Jiff, although I prefer Dante but he seems to have some commitment issues or he just don’t know how to show his emotions. Jiff is a little too staid for my taste, but hey, he floats her boat. Imagine moving into your new apartment with your roommate and witnessing a drive-thru shooting and kidnapping, now that roommate has disappeared and you fear the worst when your dogs brought inside a bone from your backyard and not just any bone a human leg bone. A mystery book with a definite twist that puzzles and keeps you glued to its pages.