Apple Pie and Arsenic by C. A. Phipps


Maddison Flynn thought that opening her bakery and winning the top prize for her apple pie at the Spring Festival would be the most excitement in her day.

She wasn’t expecting to find the dead body of a friend beside her car, or to be accused of murder.

Things like that just don’t happen in small towns like Maple Falls.

With nowhere else to turn, Maddie enlists the help of her old flame Sheriff Ethan Tanner, as well as her irrepressible Gran, to find the murderer before Maddie’s put in jail or there’s another death on their hands.

Danger threatens at every turn, and when Maddie ends up on her own, scared and out of her depth, it seems that even an award winning baker isn’t safe from Maple Falls’ first serial killer.

The Maple Lane Mysteries are light cozy mysteries featuring a quirky cat-loving bakery owner who discovers she’s a talented amateur sleuth.

Book 1 in the Maple Lane Mysteries is out now, with book two available for pre-order now.

No cliffhangers, swearing, gore or graphic scenes.

An extremely well written cosy with robust characters.
She headed home to take care of her Gran never suspecting to get involved with murder.
Fortunately her friends had her back!!!
This is a must read! Reviewer