The Whole Man by CF Rose


A second chance with my first love, sexy baseball player Jesse Walsh?
That’s not happening.
We made so many promises to each other over that one passionate weekend ten years ago. I was in college, and he was about to be called up to the Major Leagues. And then he walked out on me. Just like that.
I told myself: If I ever see him again – which I won’t – I’ll tell him off.
And now here he is, standing in front of me at the worst possible moment. Of course the memories come flooding back when I see those rock-hard abs, the brooding blue-green eyes… What’s he doing here in Orange County?
I should read him the riot act, but my body has something else in mind. It remembers his all too well. And by the way he’s looking at me, his remembers mine.
I slip away this time, but there’s a next. And a next. Suddenly he’s everywhere, undressing me with those penetrating eyes. When I give in, he leaves me wanting more after a steamy encounter on his living room floor.
The timing of this isn’t exactly ideal. I’m dealing with a new job and a bad situation with my creep of an ex-boyfriend. But Jesse seems serious this time, like he knows what he wants. Me.
And then I uncover a secret. A secret that could tear us apart forever…

“Thoughtful, sexy, emotional and sigh-worthy! The Whole Man hits it out of the ballpark!” – Robin Bielman, USA Today best-selling author