The Boy Who Fell Through The Sky by Peter North


From a lonely cliff in Cornwall, England, people have been taken. The Police believe they are suicides, but no bodies have ever been found . . .
Finn Gibson, an insecure teenager and unlikely hero, is persuaded to embark on a desperate journey into another world. Once there, his search for those who have gone missing is sidetracked by an unreliable magician and a dying race of accursed people who want his help for a much darker purpose. Soon, things come after him, vile and unknown creatures from beyond his imagination, and they’re not even his real enemy . . .
Lurking in a wild and unexplored no-mans land, somewhere between Narnia and Mordor, this story lay hidden, waiting to be told . . . it charts a hero’s journey and his coming of age love story. A truly epic dark fantasy, this is book one of a series.

Having enjoyed reading The Lion the witch and the Wardrobe and the Lord of the Rings, this is an adventure that is just as good.
The imagination that Peter has is quite something, his vocabulary and descriptions make you feel that you're standing with Finn and his comrades.
It was also nice reading about new creatures which are not the normal mythological creatures that you get in other books.
This book is a great read and my son, 7 loved listening to various chapters that I read to him. Unfortunately, some bits are too scary for him, but he's looking forward reading it in a few years time!~ Amazon Reviewer – verified purchase