Song of the Sending: The Expatriates, Book One by Corinne O’Flynn


Jim Wales can communicate with animals, but that’s not why he lives with a traveling carnival. Turns out his family’s been hiding him there since he was little, since someone started hunting all the scholars. Jim is a scholar—someone who can manipulate energy using magic—and he has no idea.

When a message arrives from Jim’s supposedly-dead father, Jim’s whereabouts are discovered, their carnival is attacked, and his mother is kidnapped. On the run with a strange glass map and a single coin, Jim finds himself racing to reclaim the father he thought he’d lost, plotting to save his mother, and discovering the truth about who he is.

But going home isn’t the same as being safe, and trust is everything.

“O'Flynn's novel brings an engaging, memorable world to life, full of intriguing mysteries and vividly realized settings…it's refreshing to follow a group of heroes who haven't quite matured into their powers. A rollicking series opener that will leave readers eager for more…” -Kirkus Reviews

“This unique and entertaining fantasy novel becomes more engrossing with each turn of the page.” – Foreword Reviews

“…the story deals with interesting and mature themes, delivering them with clarity and suspenseful action. Young adult fantasy readers will find much to enjoy here.” – BlueInk Reviews