Lords Of The Dark Fall – Book 1 Fabian by Alexandra Marell


Once immortal, tyrant and ruler of all he surveyed Fabian Lucimanticus of the far distant world of Anxur is vanquished in battle and exiled to the Dark Fall – an abyss that cycles through time and dimensions. With no idea where in the universe he will land, he endures a thousand years of purgatory, loses his immortality and grows a very unwanted conscience. Now human and alone in a strange time and place, he vows to rise again, find his brother Marcellus, who jumped with him, and regain what he’s lost. But first he needs to find a mage strong enough to magic him home. Instead, he gets Tig, a poor potter trying to survive life in a land ruled by warlords and marauding gangs.

When she finds Fabian, naked and disorientated in the desert, Tig’s first thought is to turn him in to the local warlord for a life of almost certain death or slavery. Her second thought is that his family might pay a handsome reward for his safe return. But as she grows closer to this confused, displaced warrior, she wonders if she can ever let him go.

Fabian wants only to find his brother, go home, and regain his status and immortality. But his new human conscience and meeting with Tig makes him question everything he ever held dear. Can a tyrant really reform? If he found a mage strong enough to get him home will he go, knowing he would have to leave Tig behind?

What makes the story so powerful is Fabian's growing humility as he realizes that he was a cruel tyrant whose pompous self-identity was based on his subjects' flattering untruths. The lessons along the way are hilarious, touching, suspenseful and more. Don't miss it. Amazon Reviewer Georgette W.