Saving Akira by Candace Sams

Mark O’Neil is a new cop at the local PD. The last thing he expected was to get a frantic call about a tiger running loose in a quiet neighborhood.

A tiger!

As far as he’s concerned, it’s a little too early in the morning for this kind of prank. The call is either a hoax, or somebody’s alcohol-induced hallucination.

When a beautiful veterinarian responds to the same call, however, Mark quickly realizes that nobody is hoaxing anyone; there really is a tiger loose in somebody’s backyard!

In a split second, everything can go horrifically wrong, or wonderfully right. Either the tiger is captured and no one gets hurt, or people are harmed and the animal must be destroyed.

A morning call for help is quickly becoming more than Mark ever expected. His future is about to change, all while saving Akira.

“I thought this was a great subject matter. It had a hea, even an epilogue, which made me happy.” – Amazon Reviewer, Madm007