Guardians of the Grail by Christopher Datta


Chris Datta is a colleague, friend and personal hero of mine. As a fellow Foreign Service Officer, I've done some hard jobs, but nothing compared to Chris's service in the toughest, most dangerous places on earth. Chris tells the story of one American FSO who believed in serving his country in very foreign lands. From the hilariously morbid bureaucracy of South India to the blood-soaked streets of Rwanda to civil war in Liberia to the creation of a new country in South Sudan, this memoir should make us all shake our heads with wonder and pride at the sacrifices our diplomats make for America. Thank you, Chris, for telling our story so well. Ambassador (Ret.) Tom Krajeski

The first line of America's defense and promotion of all US interests is the US Foreign Service. The importance of strong diplomacy is understood much better by other countries, including America's adversaries, and its long and vacuous denigration by both ruling parties of this country is severely weakening America– a self-inflicted wound. The story of Chris Datta, who epitomizes the finest traditions of the Foreign Service, is proof positive of the criticality of able diplomacy in quite a variety of tough settings. It is also a great read. Ambassador (Ret.) John Blaney