Fireworks by Denise Alicea

After Sarah’s grandfather passes away, it’s up to Sarah to pack up a lifetime’s worth of his possessions as she comes to terms with her grief. As she goes through his possessions, she finds a picture. The faded black and white picture seems innocuous at first, but something draws her towards it. As she studies the picture and the man inside it, she forgets her grief momentarily.

However, there’s more to the faded picture of a soldier in 1940s New York than she realizes, and soon she unexpectedly meets him—but he hasn’t aged a day. As they get to know each other, Sarah’s feelings begin to grow…

It was sweet and refreshing time travel story. My only complaint was that I wanted it to keep going. It could of made a beautiful love story! This is my first story by Denise Alicia but it won't be my last! – sewanee 2010