Destined, a novel of the Tarot by Gail Cleare

USA Today bestselling author Gail Cleare delivers “a positive, make-your-own-destiny message” (Publishers Weekly), in “a thoughtful and much recommended novel of Tarot” (Midwest Book Review).

Emily Ross attracts spirits, has prophetic visions and can sense people's thoughts. She's learned to hide her strange talents and leads a lonely existence. Sensing a kindred spirit, she takes a job at the mystical curio shop owned by elderly scholar Henry Paradis. Henry teaches Emily to accept her magical nature. She sets out to create the path to happiness, guided by the Tarot's Higher Arcane, the twenty-two cards known as “the Fool's Journey.”

When Emily meets sexy international antique dealer Tony Novak, who claims to adore her, she struggles to find the courage to trust him. Tony says she can steer the future with her thoughts. Will Emily succeed at making her dreams come true?

“Destined…celebrates the diversity of different cultures and the strength of women. It is also a reminder that we have the power in our own hands to change our lives. …I enjoyed the relaxed pace of the story and, while it lasted, it was nice to lie down somewhere at the end of a busy day and spend some time with the cast of this book. It's a story I would recommend if you need something to lift you up, to inspire you, and to entertain you at the same time.” —Kim Anisi for Readers’ Favorite