Catch Your Breath: A Guide to Manifesting Your Ideal Life by Transforming Yourself by Bobby Foster

To accomplish everything we want in life, we don't need to attain anything, we need to remove our blocks. From the beginning of “Catch Your Breath” by Bobby Foster, you feel empowered that life doesn't happen by circumstance, but rather, you are in control of what you call into your life. Instead of becoming a victim to your life, you become the creator. Using your pain to further your life instead of becoming paralyzed by it. Although the process of transcending to a place of love is challenging, Bobby uses real-world examples and poetry to help you reflect on what it means to really be abundant in life.

“While I was living in Orlando, Florida, I had the opportunity to see Bobby perform his poetry many times and it always left a profound effect on me. After learning he wrote book, I was exhilarated and purchased a copy not knowing what to expect. As I began to read the book, I was overcome with shock and joy at the level of transparency in the book. Although I know his poetry, I did not know the extraordinary pain he had to endure in his life. The fact that Bobby is still standing and encouraging me through his story, I know anyone can read success. Bobby's book is a masterpiece and a must read. Then……. a must read again! I know I will.”- Amazon Reviewer



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