The Disappeared by Valerie J. Mikles

Book 1 in the The New Dawn series

Humans have colonized a new planet, Aquia, and that planets moons: Terrana and Caldori. They think they’ve hit a gold mine – an uninhabited water planet – but something strange evolves the longer they stay. Humans developing super-human ability. Not great strength or power, just something to suggest that there once was life on this planet, and that life shifted to another plane of existence. That life disappeared.

Ten years ago, Amanda Gray was taken prisoner by these supernatural beings. She's not sure why they let her go, only that her return to the surface has left her vulnerable to bounty hunters and military guards. The political leaders of Terrana will stop at nothing to keep a Disappeared from returning.

“Wow, keeps you on the edge from the first page to the last!” ~Amazon Reviewer, I. G.