Starburst Book 1 by Carol James Marshall

Book 1 in the Women of the Grey series

Lisa our anti-hero only wants to follow orders from her mysterious leader, Superior Mother. Then get back to life in The Grey. When she is sent on her first mission among the humans, Lisa realizes she is more human than Superior Mother led her to believe. In her first mission for the Women of the Grey Lisa begins to not only challenge her orders from Superior Mother but everything she has ever known. Defiant and on a quest for the truth Lisa will follow orders no more while she creates a path of her own.
Starburst is a mysterious and fascinatingly creepy coming-of-age tale with a sinister vibe that focuses on the relationships The Women of the Grey have with humans. It is an emotional connection that will have the reader questioning the depth of their character and of those around them.
If you love books with strong female characters that are both heroes and villains Starburst is a read just for you.
The Women of the Grey is a Sci-Fi Horror series that dives into alien isolation tangled into a secret society. Read Starburst book 1 today to start the journey into the dark and disturbing world of The Grey.

Deceptively simple and yet creepily riveting. E.P. Clark