Soul Thing by Lana Pecherczyk

Book 1 in the The Game of Gods series

After winning a brutal war against body-snatching witches, the world has fallen into a precarious peace. But for Roo Urser, the hard work is just beginning.

Roo works at the local bar, is a little facetious and can’t wait to high-tail it out of there to keep her witch-like powers secret. She’s not certain where they came from but the last thing she wants is to be burned at the stake. Hiding in plain sight seems to work until Cash, a darkly handsome hunter, arrives with disaster in his wake. Witches aren’t defeated, only hidden, and there’s one gunning for Roo and her family. The recent war only touched the surface of the preternatural world and with Cash’s help, Roo learns there are worse things that go bump in the night… and she might be one of them.

Soon she must make a choice—risk exposure to save her loved ones, or remain hidden and safe. But sometimes safe isn’t an option. Sometimes safe is a never-ending game.

Evolution is the game, gods are the players, humans are the avatars and witches are the glitch.

“This is my introduction to Lana's writing. I totally fell in love with her talent! This is a fresh, out if the box take on witches, angels, Gods and the supernatural. It keeps you reading wanting to know what happens next. You want to know how each character develops! This series is my new obsession!” – CHARLOTTE, AMAZON REVIEWER