Finding Mr, Happily Ever After: The Finale by Melissa McClone & Melissa Storm

Book 5 in the Finding Mr. Happily Ever After series

Luckily, Jazz Michaels has it all figured out… or so she thinks. At last her wedding day has arrived, and she can’t wait to say “I do.” But when three former fiancés each declare their undying love for her, it’s enough to give any bride cold feet.

The clock is ticking, and if she can’t make a choice before the start of the ceremony, she could lose all four of her great loves forever. Which of these potential husbands is meant to be the other half of her lifelong dream? And whose hearts will she break when taking this final step toward her future?

One bride, four possible grooms, unlimited potential for disaster to strike. Is the man waiting at the end of the aisle the one that’s meant to be Jazz’s forever love? Find out in this addictive series of one woman’s journey to her happily ever after.

“What a book!!!!! This book, as well ass the others in the series, I could not put down until I finished it. This series was really awesome, and we were left in suspense as to who Jazz would pic as her life partner. It took her a while to understand what taking her mothers advice and to follow her heart meant, but she finally got it When she got it, then she got her Happily Ever After.” ~ Amazon Reviewer