Finding Mr. Happily Ever After: Chase by Melissa McClone & Melissa Storm

Book 2 in the Finding Mr. Happily Ever After series

Jazz Michaels learned that the hard way. She isn't about to get burned by another guy who claims to love her. Attending one of the top MBA programs in the country, she is doing what she wants to do. But when a handsome athlete kisses her at a party, she wants more…even if she's not looking for romance.

Chase Killion is set on playing professional baseball. With the talent and drive to achieve his goals, he's on the fast track to stardom at the college level. The last thing Jazz wants is to stand in his way. Chase may call her his good-luck charm, but that can't possibly last. As Chase's dreams draw closer, will Jazz be able to fit into his future?

One bride, four possible grooms, unlimited potential for disaster to strike. Is the man waiting at the end of the aisle the one that's meant to be Jazz's forever love? Find out in this addictive series of one woman's journey to her happily ever after.

“I love this series. The characters are endearing, complex and flawed. The journey to find love is never without trials. I love the idea of following the heroine in her quest, seeing her grow, moving on…” ~ Amazon Reviewer