One Tequila by Tricia O’Malley


From a New York Times bestselling author comes a magically fun page-turner. The Althea Rose Mystery Series has 100's of five star reviews and Tricia O'Malley's books have been downloaded over 1 million times on Amazon alone.

Tequila Key is just like any other small town and I'm just like any other small town psychic. Scratch that. Tequila Key is a world onto itself and some people might think that I am one crayon short of the box. 

And, if we're being totally honest, Tequila Key is just like any other small town – if that town boasts a voodoo priestess and a few white witches for flavor. Turquoise blue water and the best margaritas this side of Mexico make it hard to leave. 

I'm Althea Rose, co-owner of Luna Rose Potions & Tarot Shop, and I've just stumbled into a love triangle while trying to save my best friend from being accused of murder.
See? Just like any other small town.

“Fun, fun, fun!!! ”
“Absolutely loved this book”
-Amazon Reviewers