Shadows & Secrets by Jane Hinchey


You can run from your demons, but you can’t hide.

I’m not the first vampire-hunting, ass-kicking, smart-mouthed girl in town, but I’m all that’s standing in the way of utter annihilation for the town of Maxxan. According to SIA Agent Jordan Buchanan that is. Given that I killed a vampire at the tender age of five, he figures I’m destined to be the one to rid the town of its latest vampire problem.

Caught in the crosshairs of a rogue vampire, I have no other choice but to turn to the sexy and dangerous SIA Agent. Being around him awakens all my emotions, including the demon I can barely control, and I soon discover I will need to fully embrace my demon instinct in order to save myself – and the town of Maxxan – from a fate worse than death.

This is a standalone urban fantasy romance within the Lick of Fire series. If you like your stories sexy, sassy, and bloody exciting then this book is for you.

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