The Heaviness of Knowing by Sharolyn G. Brown

Roxal's life revolves around one core principle: obey your gods or die. So even though she knows her gods are false, Roxal has to pretend she's a devoted follower to survive. But her survival comes at a high cost. Obeying her false gods means Roxal is forced to use her dream travel ability to covertly manipulate an earth woman to do their bidding. However, now her gods are hunting and executing nonbelievers. And Roxal fears she will be discovered next.

Lauren's on the verge of making a technological breakthrough when a sudden illness stops her in her tracks. Desperate to get back to work, she’s willing to try anything. Even seeing a hypnotherapist. During her hypnosis sessions, Lauren “meets” Roxal and discovers that not only are aliens real, but they're planning to attack Earth – and she's been helping them. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Both Roxal’s and Lauren’s lives are at risk. Can Roxal find a new way to survive now that pretending will no longer keep her safe? Can Lauren stop the alien invasion that threatens life as she knows it? What will be the ultimate price these two women pay for knowing the truth?

“This is a more than satisfying dystopian tale, …the particulars are fresh and interesting.” – Goodreads Reviewer