Alterations by Jane Suen

Gigi, Ellen, Lilly… three women so desperate to change their lives that they turn to the mysterious Dr. Kite, who offers them an implant that can control their mind.

Will Gigi find her true love? Can Ellen’s miraculous, sudden weight loss bring her romance and self-respect? Can Lilly put her bitter divorce behind her? They’re willing to risk it all to find the happiness they’ve always searched for.

I can't wait!!
by Minamayi

“Wow! I am so excited to read this book. Jane Suen weaves stories like a master and her last two titles hold a place of honor on my shelf! If you are looking for your next summer read, do not pass this one up!”
~ iBooks Reviewer


Alterations by Jane Suen

5 Stars

“Ok my first book by this author and my mind is blown. This is about three women, each with a different issue in life. This is also about one man, “Dr.” Kite, who set out on a mission to help these three women with their life issues by offering them an answer using an implant that can control their minds.

A very quick read which definitely left me wanting much much more. I could have read the stories of these three women and Dr. Kite for many more pages. Although short, the author fit in enough backstory for each character that I was able to understand and fall in love with each one. It brought up questions in my own mind, if I could pick the one issue in life I struggle with would I take the same risks these three women took? Especially knowing that when something seems too good to be true, it could be just that..too good to be true….

I actually loved this book, her writing had me wrapped from page one, and I'm now very curious about her other books and will be checking those out as well. This will definitely leave you thinking and wanting more.”
~ Nook Reviewer