The Zebra Affaire by Mark Fine


When Stanwell Marunda, a proud descendant of the Zulu, meets the beautiful Elsa, the daughter of a white farmer, he is certain his bad luck has just begun. She has just rescued him, bloodied and hurt, from a car wreck.

As the two of them recklessly begin an intense affair, Stanwell hopes his deepest fears are not realized. First, he must recover from his injuries. This forces him to depend on her. Then he gets a surprise visit from the state’s security branch, the obsessive and brutal Malan Zander. Secrets and suspicion begin to follow him. As intimidation and adversity strike his friends and loved one, Stanwell is forced to confront the frightening truth…

Is Elsa really the girl of his dreams – or could their forbidden affair be fatal?

The Zebra Affaire is a cautionary tale, a gripping story of a forbidden romance that shocked a nation.

“Fine doesn’t merely craft a story of unbidden romance, but a historical lesson touched with rhapsodic prose. More than a fiction story, ‘The Zebra Affaire’ is a treatise against racial discrimination.” ~ Southern Editor

“Many years ago I found myself literally immersed in Karen Blixen’s ‘Out of Africa’. Fate took me to the farm she spoke about and an indelible memory was born. I thought that instant of my life would never be repeated. I was wrong; ‘The Zebra Affaire’ sparked a similar sentiment. This book sits proudly alongside Blixen’s autobiographical tales.” ~ Eric J. Gates, bestselling author of ‘Outsourced’

“A book to savor slowly…appreciating each moment…such was the quality of the writing. One of the best books I've read this year.” ~ Jean Gill, author of ‘Song at Dawn'

The story of Stanwell and Elsa really touched me. Racial discrimination was so dehumanizing. It was a real privilege to read the history, a period of pain and hope, as seen through Mark Fine's eyes.” ~ Thandi Lujabe-Rankoe, Former ANC Freedom Fighter & Senior South African Diplomat

“The Zebra Affaire grips your soul and won't let go. Never mind zebras, think lions, raw and roar.” ~ Geoff Nelder, author of ‘ARIA: Left Luggage'

“INTENSELY DAZZLING…NOT A BLACK AND WHITE STORY, A RAINBOW STORY WITH THE RICH COLORS OF LIVES IN TURMOIL. This novel is Literary Fiction at its finest.” ~ Elizabeth Newton, author of ‘View from the Sixth Floor'