Diamond’s Edge by Kaylie Hunter


In this vigilante thriller from recognized author Kaylie Hunter, bartender and contraband courier Diamond Campbell wages war against a stalker threatening her life—and everyone she loves.

Diamond Campbell is focused on making better choices—becoming a role model for her teenage brother and keeping her ass far from a prison cell. But when a neighboring bar owner finds himself about to be raided, she steps in, using her skills to evade the law to keep everyone out of handcuffs.

Quickly sinking back into the life, Diamond must face off with a local crime boss, avoid an FBI agent from her past life, balance two dangerous and sexy-as-hell men in her life, and figure out who’s watching her from the shadows.

Teetering on the edge between the life she wanted and the life that refuses to release its hold on her, Diamond must decide what lines she’s willing to cross to survive.

Diamond’s Edge is a standalone novel thick with violence, sex, adult-language, and questionable moral decision making. Enjoy.

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