All of the Rogers by Erin Lockwood


Kerri has been playing the perfect ballerina as long as she can remember. After forcing an injury in order to leave her career as a dancer, she's looking for adventure her senior year of high school — She's looking for the messy hair, carefree Roger Byrnes. Kerri needs a little mess in her life. What she doesn't know is that Roger needs her just as badly… or more.

This is a coming of age, whirlwind romance that will reach in, grab your heart and maybe crush it a little.

This book did me in! The emotions I had while reading All Of The Rogers had me feeling like I was on an emotional roller coaster. The ups, downs, happy, sad, worried and broken. Taking us back to high school, the setting Erin portrays takes us into real life struggles that teenagers deal with everyday. The relationships with peers, parents and teachers, as well as the drama that comes with each of these topics.

I came into reading All Of The Rogers with a completely open mind, and within the first 20 pages I was hooked. As I kept reading each word tugged at my heart strings and gave me all the feels. By the end I was a mess of tears. All The Rogers is now in my top 5 favourite books! – Amazon Reviewer