The Scattering of Seeds by Augustina Van Hoven

Book 1 in the New Frontier series

THE SCATTERING OF SEEDS is the first book in the New Frontier series.  There are three colony ships setting out to colonize a new planet. The Starship Halcyon is the last of the three to leave. What should be a smooth trip is plagued with problems that increase in intensity until it becomes clear that someone is trying to prevent them from reaching their destination.


Read an Excerpt:

Duncan sat in his chair trying to figure out what had happened.  One minute they were having a friendly lunch and the next she kissed him.  Spending the morning manufacturing a pile of knitting needles was something he’d expected a thank you for, not a kiss from the governor’s daughter.  Not that he really objected, far from it.  The only problem with kisses, they’re addictive, and he wasn’t satisfied with just one.