War Girl Ursula by Marion Kummerow

Prison guard Ursula Hermann does.

A prisoner escapes. She looks the other way.

But in Berlin 1943 compassion is a crime.

Ursula has always lived the law, never broken the rules in her life.
That is until the day she finds escapee British airman Tom Westlake and all the right she’s worked so hard to maintain goes wrong…

He runs.

And she does nothing to stop him.

Torn with guilt about what she did, Ursula battles with her decision when suddenly Tom returns, injured and pleading for her help.

This is her opportunity to make things right.

But shadows from the past tug at her heart, convincing her to risk everything, including her life, in order to protect a man from the nation her country is fighting.

As they brave the perils and dangers of the ever-present Gestapo, will Ursula find a way to keep Tom safe?
Or will being on the opposite sides of the war ultimately cost both of them their lives?

War Girl Ursula is a fun, dynamic, and emotional read. It has just enough hope and whimsy to balance out the horrors of Berlin during the height of WWII. ~ Jessica Macaulay from Minimacreviews



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