Storm of Arranon by R E Sheahan

When a brutal alien society invades and threatens to destroy the two worlds that make up Cadet Erynn Yager's existence, she is thrust into battle, forced to expose her strange abilities, revealing the truth of her forbidden birth, unraveling a guarded web of secrets.
Aware of Erynn's potential, the alien enemy pursues her. Stranded on Arranon, an unfamiliar planet of eternal winter and predatory wildlife, the mysterious living consciousness of this world intervenes, leading Erynn on a mystical journey. She struggles to gain control of her growing powers while in a constant race to elude the invaders, and join the forces preparing to fight a mounting alien occupation.
Although her secret may be her worlds' only hope, being a child of two worlds could cost Erynn her life. Swept up in a chain reaction of events, Erynn's dedication extends far beyond service and duty. She learns the true meaning of sacrifice.
Along with courage and hope, Erynn finds something unexpected on her journey of awareness and growth.

This is a wonderful story, what an exciting adventure. Beautiful world building and detailed characters. A most fantastic tale and a journey well worth it.


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