Kicking Tin by Paul Charles

An international airliner crashes into the Potomac river. Tin-kicker Mike Gilham is rapidly pulled into a web of intrigue. At the centre of it all, a new missile defence shield system. Could the government really have shot the plane down?

Kicking Tin is based on the crash of TWA800, which itself shared similarities with other high profile aviation disasters such as Lockerbie Pan Am 103, Iran Air 655, Siberia 1812 and most recently, Malaysian Airlines MH17 over Ukraine. It is the story of a Manchester boy who becomes a lead investigator with the NTSB in Washington. Mike Gilham is a Tin Kicker, an air crash investigator. This is his story.

“Engrossing novel featuring an NTSB investigator who relentlessly pursues the cause of an accident. He must overcome the desires of others to quickly dispose of the investigation.” (Review on Amazon)


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