Elements of Flames by CR Robertson


The Otherworld is a shadow world that overlaps the human physical plane, a place where magical beings evolved, their heritage the missing link. These two worlds collide when behavioural profiler Morgan Skelly visits a crime scene in Norway on winter solstice. There she meets the man who has starred in her dreams for years.

Drake Obsidian has the looks and body of an ancient god, the heart of a dragon, and the soul of a hero. His strength and magnetism make him irresistible, a force of nature from a magical realm who enters Morgan’s life like a sexy tornado. His truth blows her make believe world out of the water when he reveals her heritage with every embrace.

An ancient evil Master Fae is horrifically sacrificing women at the pagan festivals and equinoxes of the year. His goal is to open the seven Gates of Hell by harvesting their souls.

Powers are revealed, alliances are made, sparks fly, lightning strikes, and worlds collide. Morgan and Drake’s passion holds them together while the Otherworld tries to tear them apart.

“WHEW!!!! What an emotional ride of suspense, death, myths. faeries, ogres, shifters, dryads. spirit walkers, twin flames, and so many other characters. This story had me up all night reading straight through. I could not put it down. This is a first for me from this author and this genre and I loved it. What chemistry Morgan and Drake had was HAWT!!!! If you love the old scary fables well in this book they are a possible reality. There are also gentle pure hearted personalities as well. There was some humor sprinkled here and there to make it interesting. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. This is a must read. ” – Amazon reviewer


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