Theodore’s Promise by Rose Pearson

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Eleanor has always loved Theodore, and, in return, he has sworn his love for her. Their secret kisses and clandestine meetings thrill Eleanor’s heart, bonding him to her forever. She swears her love for him will never die, keeping his grandmother’s ring as proof that she will wait for him as he goes to make his fortune.

What she does not expect is the torment and strain that comes with five years apart, especially when he no longer responds to her letters. Desperate, she clings to the hope that he will return to claim her as his bride, only to accept another man’s proposal in a moment of weakness.

When Theodore returns, he is not the man she remembered. Can she get him to reveal the secrets that divide them? Or will her efforts leave her with nothing more than a broken heart?

“This poignant, heart wrenching tale of love found, lost, and then at last recaptured will leave you feeling like you ran a marathon! ” – Goodreads Reviewer