The Sizzle of Lightning: a Remnas Novella by Genevieve St-Yves

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She only wanted to take his money. She ended up stealing his heart too.

Marni, a traveling street performer and self-proclaimed genius thief, is so deep in debt to her cruel master she has given up all hope of being free of her indenture. Content to pick the pockets of spectators who come to watch their shows, she instead devotes her time to protecting the younger children who fall in with the troupe by teaching them skills they need to avoid getting caught. But one night while plying her trade, Marni lifts the wrong purse… and ends up in the arms of the right man.

The energy of their fateful meeting was palpable. It crackled across his skin like lightning.

Drev prides himself on having a realistic if pessimistic outlook on life. Ogresses don’t fall in love at first sight for men like him. But Marni claims that they are mates–meant to be together for all their days. When she makes off with his money, Drev thinks it’s a trick until he returns home to discover she has moved into his rented room. Baffled and perplexed by her actions, Drev finds he has little desire to force her out.

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