Nate, Thief Catcher: A Paranormal Romance Thriller by Anni Antoni

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Emily is a thief, a computer hacker, a modern-day Robin Hood. She robs unscrupulous corporations and gives back to the poor. Lately her inner ‘knowing’ warns she’s in mortal danger. But she can’t stop stealing to save her life. Too many needy families need her help.

Sexy computer expert Nathan Hawke has taken on the job of catching the elusive hacker. However, he is not what he seems. He has deep secrets of his own that could change everything.

Emily’s opportunity to right wrongs her own way is slipping out of her grasp. She’s running out of time. If she’s not careful to guard her back – and her heart- the fallout could cost her life.

If you love your paranormal stories to be a thrilling mix of danger, suspense and white-hot sizzling romance, you’ll love Nate, Thief Catcher, because it has all of this and more.

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This was a really fun book. I guess the best way to describe it is a mashup of a computer hacker Robin Hood with urban fantasy and magic. The characters here were well developed and enjoyable to see in action. The plot? A neat thrill ride. All in all a yummy experience. I now need to read sequels stat. — Amazon Reviewer