Goddess Beast Mate by Milana Jacks

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Convinced no beast will buy Shanice, because of her plus size, the community leader is marrying her off to her cousin. One minute she dreads saying yes, the next she screams no, as Hunters of Mayhem swarm the sanctuary. When one of the beasts claims her as his pair, she doesn’t believe him. Many have refused to pair with her, and this beast is playing her.

Earth-born of a human mother and an alien father, Medrix assists Mayhem’s hunters in their transition from tribal life on Tineya to modern life on Earth. In order to understand his charges, he accompanies Mayhem on a raid, where he recognizes his mate. She is dressed in white, and it’s her wedding day. Perfect. But when she refuses to believe she’ll be marrying only him, Medrix is all too happy to prove her wrong.

“Sexy beast and BBW virgin heroine.” Josey Rodz on Amazon

“This was such a great short story. I loved it and the characters. Yay! for plus-size girls getting some love. If you want something quick and sexy to read, this is your book.” Alina Hart on Amazon