Aegis Chronicles – Vol. 1: Gwen Mboya by S.S. Segran

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The League of Sentries work to keep the torch of goodness burning in the world. They serve as the eyes and ears, and often the hands, of the Elders of Dema-Ki, descendants of a long-lost civilization.

Gwen Mboya feels like her life is on a triple-loop roller coaster clinging to its rails.

Teenagers from across the country have been mysteriously disappearing. Many come from the streets; others from regular homes. All brilliant. All vanished without a trace.

Then there’s Marshall, a fifth-generation Sentry like her. A heart of gold, a loyal friend and defender of the light, but the rugged ex-Marine seems blind to her feelings for him. Will he ever see through her bold facade?

Sentries around the world have sensed a growing disturbance in the fabric of life. What does it mean? Is the time for the prophecy at hand? Is the arrival of the Chosen Ones imminent?

As she navigates this maze, Gwen must overcome her own self-doubts to unravel the enigma of the missing kids. What sacrifices lay before her as the dark forces gather?

Worlds Collide. Heroes Arise.

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The Chronicles are short stories based on the bestselling Aegis League Series. If you're interested in exploring the the main series, these are the books:

Five Books in the Aegis League Series:

Book 1: Aegis Rising (available now)
Book 2: Aegis Incursion (available now)
Book 3: Aegis Evolution (available now)
Book 4: Aegis Desolation (available May 2018)
Book 5: Aegis Reckoning (available Nov. 2018)
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What readers are saying about the books in the Aegis League Series:

“An amazing novel from an author to watch! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and plan to read everything else I can find by S.S. Segran. Harry Potter and Hunger Games fans should love this series! I plan to suggest that my local library purchase these books. They deserve to be widely read and enjoyed.” ~ A.J. Norton ~
“I just finished reading Aegis Rising for the second time and liked it just as much if not more than the first.” ~Voracious Reader~
“I'll preface by saying I'm a 45 year old father who started reading this book to see if my 11 year old son would enjoy it. By the end of the prologue even I was hooked 🙂 As soon as I finished this book, I immediately asked my son to read it with me again. Now he is hooked!” ~ Sapphyrez ~
“Wow! An absolutely stunning and intense adventure! I believe this series is some of the best books I have ever read!” ~ Maia Silverdagger~
“Aegis Rising by S.S. Segran is laudable for many reasons; the originality of the story line, depth of characters and the general flair for the written word…” ~ Heather G. ~
“I have read all of the Percy Jackson, Hunger Games and Divergent series and this series is as good if not better than all of them.” ~ Charlotte Sepulvado ~

An exciting addition to the Aegis League Series by this talented author! If you've read any of the books in the series, you'll love this backstory on one of the characters. If you haven't, read this short story to get a glimpse into this riveting series. ~ Amazon Reviewer~