The Other Mr. Bax by Rodney Jones


Joyce Rubens melts Roland Bax's heart with a smile, then breaks it by disappearing, leaving him with no clue as to why or where she went. Thirty-six years later, while recovering from a mysterious accident, she reappears full of stories about the years they shared. Roland, however, has no recall of a life with her. His mind contains memories of an altogether different life—with a different wife.

Dana Serrano arrives home to an eerily quiet house. Her husband is gone. After days of searching, a phone call arrives from the opposite end of the country. It's her husband, Roland, insisting that the only memory he has of her dates back to the day they first met.

Joyce and Dana are left questioning Roland's integrity as they struggle to untangle the incredible stories left in the wake of two colliding realities. Who is this man who looks and acts like their husband, and yet is not?

“authentic emotions packed in the simple moments…” – Gabrielle Fair