MacGregor’s Daughter by Gwyn Brodie


When Lady Ceana MacGregor's castle is attacked by the Campbells, she hides in the laird's lug, where she watches in horror as her parents are both murdered. Knowing their chief, Lyall Campbell will stop at nothing to find her, she escapes on a massive warhorse, and travels across the snow-blanketed countryside, searching for safety and shelter. She finds both in the arms of Alexander MacPherson, the Laird of Blackstone, and the Highlander who rescues her. Ceana soon finds herself in love with the handsome laird, but will she trust him enough to tell him the secret she's keeping?

After the battle, Lyall Campbell is satisfied that he has ended the lives of even more MacGregors, once again proving his loyalty to the king. Then the Campbell chief becomes both outraged and baffled when he learns the MacGregor laird's daughter has taken his devil of a warhorse. He swears to hunt her down and reclaim his horse, then to use the bonnie lass anyway he sees fit—before ending her life. When he learns she—and his prize stallion—are at Blackstone Castle, nothing will keep him from seeking revenge—no matter how many MacPhersons he has to kill.

Alex is captivated by the dark-haired lass he rescues in a snowstorm and can think of little else. Ceana tells him almost nothing about herself, but it's obvious, she's running form something—or someone. And in order to protect her, he needs to know what to protect her from. He falls deeper and deeper in love with her and wants her for his wife. But first, he intends to find out what it is she's hiding from him. Will the truth bring them closer together, or forever keep them apart?

Wow! I wish I could give more than 5 stars for this book, because it so deserves it! This book had me hooked from the first sentence! Not kidding! I couldn't put it down! This book has it all! One minute I'm crying the next I'm biting my nails then I'm seeing a hot sexy man!!!! I fell in love!! I can't say enough about how fantastic this book is!!! Highly recommend! Thank you so much Gwyn Brodie for writing this
wonderful book! Can't wait for your next!–Karen France
This story is amazing, captivating, and so emotional it brought tears to my eyes. You will fall in love with Alex. He's such a caring, honorable hero. I also loved Ceana, the heroine. She has been through a lot of tragedy and pain. I was so happy to see her find a wonderful hero. Gwyn Brodie has written a truly beautiful story of love and devotion. n22v